dental implantsSingle Tooth

Your front teeth, or anterior teeth, are extremely important, as they help to define who you are, from the structure of your face down to your smile, and yet chances are, you may lose these teeth one day. Thankfully, current dental trends have allowed for full restoration of these important teeth through surgical implants. Anterior implants are often narrow in diameter and are directly implanted into the bone. Customized with a porcelain crown, anterior implants give your mouth a fresh, clean and natural look.

Multiple Teeth/Implant Supported Bridge

When it comes to decay, your posteriors, or back teeth, are often the first to go. Often cavities in this area expand into untreatable infections; other common causes include a failed root canal or a cracked tooth. Whatever the reason, preserving posterior teeth has become possible with modern dental technology by using posterior implants that are inserted directly into the bone. In addition to the implant, your dentist will also affix a laboratory fabricated crown, which will help you to regain normal function of the affected area.

Implanted Supported Dentures

If you’ve suffered the loss of several teeth over time, it’s likely you’ve been told you need dentures. The problem with removable dentures is that they’re often uncomfortable and have been known to easily shift out of place. You may want to consider implanted supported dentures, which through placing implants directly into the jaw, allow for dentures to be directly locked in so that they fit snugly, avoiding slippage, and making for a much more pleasant experience.molar